Enrollment is open for students who have been admitted to study programme

Upon admission students will be given ACCEPTANCE LETTER (proof of purpose for temporary stay on the basis of university studies).

*These instructions serve as general guidelines for dealing with administrative procedures required to study in Croatia. For more detailed information be sure to check official websites of Croatian administration institutions we provided.


EU/EEA citizens can enter Croatia with just a valid ID card (or passport) and then need to register at the Central police station if staying for more than 3 months to regulate the residence permit.

Citizens of the USA, Australia, Canada, etc. (for full list see Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs) can enter Croatia with a valid passport and then apply for the residence permit in Zagreb. Check with the Croatian embassy in your country of residence which documentation you will need for your application in Zagreb and make sure you take it along when coming to Zagreb.

NON-EU/EEA citizens coming from a country that has a visa-regime with the Republic Croatia need to apply for a visa via the Croatian embassy in their home country before departing for Croatia.
The list of countries whose nationals need a visa to enter Croatia can be found at the pages of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

Visas CANNOT be applied for or extended in Croatia! Please contact the Croatian embassy in your country of residence for more information. You will receive an acceptance letter that covers some of the documentation needed for your visa application as soon as your complete application has been approved by the faculty/academy of the University of Zagreb that will host you.

IMPORTANT! Please bear in mind that the visa application process might take up to several weeks or even months so do try to file your application as soon as possible.

You might need the originals of your “Letter of Acceptance” for your visa application; if so, please let us know as early as possible so that we can send it to you via mail in time and do also provide a shipping address.

OIB (PIN) Number



  1. Application for the determination and assignment of PIN (OIB)
  2. Passport – the original is to be presented for inspection, and a copy thereof should be attached to the Application

*In exceptional cases, if the foreign natural person does not hold a passport, they shall attach to the Application the following documents:

  • European Identity Card (citizens of the European Union) or
  • Identification document issued by their state of citizenship with proof of citizenship

Option A) Allocating and assigning of Personal Identification Number (OIB) to foreigners

Option B) New procedure for submitting the Application for the determination and assignment of the Personal Identification Number (OIB) for foreigners, on exceptional grounds during the coronavirus preventive measures (COVID-19)

Residence Permit

EEA NATIONALS (European Union + Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein; Swiss confederation)

Short-term stay

EEA nationals are entitled to stay in the Republic of Croatia for up to three months from the day of their entry into the country if they possess a valid travel document or an identity card. In this case, they are not obliged to register short-term stay in a police administration/station.

Temporary residence

EEA nationals are entitled to stay in the Republic of Croatia for more than three months from the day of their entry into Croatia if they are coming to study at higher education or vocational education institutions, have adequate health insurance and prove that they have sufficient means of supporting themselves and their family members so that they cannot become a burden to the Croatian social welfare system during their stay

EEA nationals who intend to stay in the Republic of Croatia for more than 3 months have to register their temporary stay at a competent police administration/police station according to their place of stay, not later than 8 days following the expiration of their 3-month stay period.

Competent police administration: Zagreb Police Department, Petrinjska 30, 01/4563 639, zagrebacka@policija.hr

Mandatory requirements for all EU citizens:

  • A completed application Form 1b called “Obrazac prijave privremenog boravka za državljanina države članice EGP-a”
  • A valid identity card or passport (if passport is not in English language, then you must have a copy notarized and translated into Croatian)
  • Registered address in Croatia
  • Statement of funds showing that you have enough money to support yourself and your family
  • Proof of valid health care
  • 30 x 35mm passport photo


Short-term stay

Third-county nationals can visit Croatia for a short period of up to 90 days in any period of 180 days. They can use the 90-day period all at once or several times. This is called “kratkotrajni boravak” (short-term stay).

During a short-term stay, your stay must be registered at the Croatian police. This should be done by your accommodation provider within 24 hours after your arrival. They can report your stay online via e-Visitor or at the MUP administration office according to the place of your residence.

Temporary residence

To stay in Croatia for more than 3 months, then you must apply for a temporary stay on the basis of University studies.

Mandatory requirements:

  • A completed application Form 1a – Available here or at MUP/diplomatic mission/consular office.
  • Proof of purpose of your temporary stay – Proof of enrollment in a Croatian institution
  • Valid travel document/passport – Validity period must be 3 months longer than the validity period of the temporary stay. If the passport is not in English, you must enclose a copy notarized and translated into Croatian.
  • Proof of accommodation, rental contract, or land registry excerpt
  • Proof of enough means of subsistence
  • Proof of health insurance

Nationals of countries that require a visa to enter Croatia must apply for student residence abroad. Once granted, they must apply for a D visa to enter Croatia as well. Both applications can be submitted at the closest diplomatic mission or consulate of the Republic of Croatia. You can find out if a visa is required for your nationality here.

Third-country nationals who are not required to have a visa to enter the Republic of Croatia may also apply for temporary stay at a police administration/police station according to their intended place of stay.

Exceptionally, third-country nationals who are required to have a visa to enter the Republic of Croatia may also apply for temporary stay at a police administration/police station if they are going to study at a university as full-time students at undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate level.


To apply for the permit you will need to submit the following documents:

  1. Form1b (EU citizens)
    Form1a (NON-EU citizens)
  2. Acceptance letter (in Croatian) from UNIZG stating the study purpose of your stay
  3. 1 photo in colour (35x45mm)
  4. Proof of sufficient means of subsistence (statement of bank account, scholarship confirmation and similar)
  5. Proof of secured accommodation
  6. Proof of health insurance – copy of the insurance policy
  7. Certificate of non-criminal record with apostille (non-EU citizens only coming from non-EU country)
  8. Original and photocopy of the passport or the identity card

Undergraduate Diploma Recognition

All applicants who have completed their undergraduate or graduate degree outside the Republic of Croatia need to have their diploma officially recognized by the University of Zagreb.

The detailed instruction for procedure of obtaining this academic recognition can be found HERE.

The recognition decision is usually made within two months of the submission of all the required documents at the University of Zagreb. In case of submitting incomplete documentation at the University, the applicant will be notified in writing (by mail or e-mail) of their obligation to complete it.

The applicants to BioMedMath Study Programme who are to be admitted will have to present recognition decision made by the University of Zagreb OR provide proof that they have submitted their diploma recognition application to University in Zagreb as soon as they could acquire all needed documents for initiating the recognition process. E-mail confirmation given to you by the Academic Recognition Office will be considered as valid proof. You can contact them by e-mail akadured@unizg.hr or exceptionally by phone +38514564180 or +3851 4564272 every working day (Mon-Fri) from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. for any inquiries about academic recognition, status of your case and return of original documentation.

Health Insurance

All students have to be insured while staying in Croatia.

In order to be granted Temporary Permission to Stay you are required to provide proof of health insurance coverage.

You can buy insurance policy that covers your stay in Croatia, or you can apply for medical insurance at Croatian Medical Insurance Agency (HZZO).

If you are seeking health insurance through HZZO you’ll need to visit the insurance office at Klovićeva 1 (0800 79 79) with your passport and proof of address (ie. your registration of address from MUP).

There are two parts to the health insurance plan:

  • Required: The basic coverage (“the white card”)
  • Supplemental: For full coverage insurance, you can participate in the supplementary health insurance plan (“the orange card”)

More information’s about health insurance can be found on HZZO website: hzzo.hr


Students have to organize accommodation on their own.

EU fondovi