Application Procedure

For applying to International University Graduate Biomedical Mathematics Study Programme in English – BioMedMath, please follow this instruction

Following documents have to be submitted in scan via e-mail address
Subject of the e-mail should be: “BioMedMath application – Your Full Name

Application Form Download

  • Filled out, signed and dated APPLICATION FORM
  • Relevant passport pages containing your photo and personal details
  • Secondary / high school diploma
  • Higher education undergraduate (Bachelor) degrees (if available)
  • Transcript of records issued by higher education institution
  • Proof of English language proficiency (minimum level is B2) if you are not an English native speaker
  • Curriculum vitae in English (Europass form)
  • Free form motivational letter
  • Proof of Application fee payment of 35,00 EUR payed directly to our account (not by cheque) with reference: BioMedMath-application fee (instructions)

All scanned documents have to be in pdf format, no more than 10 MB total.

Originals of all enclosed scanned documents will have to be presented before admission, including the Bachelor degree.

Tuition fee per academic year is 7.500,00 EUR.


Online interviews

Selected applicants will be invited to the online interview. The interviews will be in English and mostly related to your background in mathematics.

Response on admissions will be provided no later than 30 days from the day of submitting complete application.


In order to be admitted and enroll (in autumn), student’s obligation is to (for more details see enrollment):

  • Obtain student Residence permit
  • Get foreign diploma/degree recognized in Croatia (for the final admission)
  • Regulate health insurance
  • Regulate accommodation before classes start


 Disclaimer: Faculty of Science is not responsible and not involved in procedures listed above nor can be held responsible for their outcome. Your admission is conditional and will be fully active once the procedures listed above are successfully resolved.

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