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About Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science (PMF) is an institution whose educational and research excellence has been recognised both domestically and internationally. The Faculty designs and conducts relevant university studies and scientific research programmes which are an integral part of the higher education process in the fields of biology, physics, geophysics, geography, geology, chemistry, and mathematics.

The entire scientific, professional, and teaching activity of the Faculty of Science serves the development of science and technology in the Republic of Croatia and contributes to science and education globally.

The Faculty of Science of the University of Zagreb provides high quality and effective university education in the fields of natural science and mathematics at all three levels of university studies. The study programmes are founded on research and the most recent scientific knowledge, whereas teaching is an important part of innovation and international collaboration. Among our highest values are good and motivated students who, with their knowledge and skills, should become the protagonists of economic and social development of the Republic of Croatia and elsewhere. Scientific research is carried out within the fields of natural sciences (fields: mathematics, physics, geology, chemistry, biology, geophysics, and interdisciplinary natural sciences) and interdisciplinary areas of science (geography), accounting for about 20% of the total scientific production of the University of Zagreb.

Faculty of Science is organised into seven departments, each of which possesses great autonomy in scientific, teaching, and professional activity. The seven departments of the Faculty of Science (Biology, Physics, Geophysics, Geography, Geology, Chemistry, and Mathematics), organized into 28 divisions, are home to about 4000 students.

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